MBTA Line Survey

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Geovideo-The Challenge As one of the nation’s largest cities (4th in population, 9th in land area), Houston’s drainage network extends over an area of nearly 2500 square kilometers. This area is difficult and time-consuming to inspect, therefore expensive to do...

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Communication through 3D Experience

Reality IMT’s 3D Technology supports virtual reality for land developers A recent report from Goldman Sachs predicts that virtual and augmented reality are a future $80 billion market – and less than half of those use cases are in video...

Open post Biden's 2 trillion infrastructure plan mean for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

What Does Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Mean for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries? President Biden recently released a huge infrastructure proposal he called a “once-in-a-generation investment in America.” The proposal, called the American Jobs Plan, proposes spending over...

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Use of Advanced Technologies in Architectural Designs

Digitization is on the disruptive phase and undergoing rapid evolution above and beyond. As digitization footprints within Industries; organizations continue to navigate integrating advanced technologies into their business on an everyday basis. Similarly, the advent of new technologies has opened...

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