Railroad Panoramic Imaging

Open post railroad panoramic imaging uses 360 degree camera with GPS and sometimes LiDAR to perform track surveys and condition assessment. Relaity IMT generates 3d..

Railroad Panoramic Imaging

Street view Imaging for railroads streamlines planning & Inspections Every railroad corridor requires a set of fiber optics cable network in order to keep it running. Like any other construction project, installation of a fiber optics cable network requires a...

Open post Drone Mapping Technology- 5 things to evaluating an effective drone mapping project. from hadrware, software to data delivery. Reality IMT Houston, Texas

Aerial Mapping Using Drones

Here is a Quick Guide to selecting the right drone for your aerial mapping projects How often have we wanted to get a bird’s eye view with location intelligence from a certain height? Drones give you the chance to view...

Open post 3D As Builts at the Speed of Light,reality imaging technology that systematically document the project progress in 360 degree manage construction progress

3D As Builts at the Speed of Light

Reality Imaging technology is transforming the way as builts are documented There are many liabilities associated with land development and construction management including defects that could result from negligence or a breach of warranty, poor workmanship, faulty design, or poor...

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