GIS A Boon To Environment

In this era of 4th Industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation are spreading arms phenomenally at a faster pace to ease workflow at all stages in any Industry. Technology is blended with every function that a human being is associated with. When we are able to use technology in all realms, why not we use it to save our planet where life is very existent? And yes, Geographical Information System comes as an answer.GIS is a boon to our environment and is otherwise called green technology exclusively designed to save our environment and planet earth. If there is something that we can pass to our future generations, those are the natural resources and we believe that all of you agree with this. Let’s brief out on how GIS can help to save our environment

Helps Agriculture:

We now observe that Urbanization is causing a break in the food chain due to depletion of natural resources and fall in agriculture growth. With the use of GIS, we can efficiently manage this loss by determining the best agricultural techniques and efficient planning of the best-suited cropping techniques to avoid food crisis in the near future.GIS provides soil data, water table quality, the topography of the soil, nutrition levels of the cultivable land to strategically plan the Agriculture management and promote precision farming. The UNO is using GIS mapping services to run its World Food Program and work strongly in eradicating droughts and famines in agriculture predominant areas and preserve farming all over the world.

Saves wild reserves:

We know that Forests are an integral part of the climate that promotes life and living on the planet earth. GIS offers a wide range of applications in forest life conservation.GIS mapping helps to focus on highlighting suitable habitats for wildlife. Man-made infrastructure alongside the forests can affect wildlife in a gigantic manner. In such cases, GIS helps identify the wildlife corridor and helps us to make decisions accordingly. Geospatial mapping shows the forest range of the wildlife presence and identify the location of the most endangered species and link the specific points to protect their existence and thereby help to protect the ecosystem. The advanced Lidar and Drone technology are used to discover the nature and ecosystem at its best.

Helps to Conserve Water resources:

We all know the fact that without water life does not exist and the depletion of water resources is a global issue and many countries are working hard to conserve the natural resources of the water.GIS serves us to construct efficient and smart water management system to dynamically handle potable water system that supports life and sewage water system in the habitable places. GIS mapping and imaging delivers outstanding results in finding underground water, wetlands that support agriculture and thereby contribute to managing an efficient irrigation system as well.

Finds the most polluted areas:

Rise in population with increasing pollution is a key issue that comes in first place in many of the global concerned summits. The advancements in GIS, when used effectively, can help us find solutions to this alarming rate of pollution. The vehicular air pollution modeling, geospatial imaging, and mapping can give us accurate results to understand the relationship between the rising pollution levels in the major cities.GIS produces instant results with real-time monitoring of potential time of pollution in the cities and shows how people can manage their travel patterns in the cities to protect themselves from hazards of pollution.

Nature has blessed us with beautiful renewable resources that every one of us is enjoying every day. It’s in our hands to give it back to nature in the best way possible by following good methods, to promote and conserve the natural ecosystem and it’s needless to say that GIS system comes as a boon to save our environment and keep it safe for future generations. It is the most groundbreaking technology ever used in obtaining the relevant geospatial data on the environment and natural ecosystem and comes up with sustainable solutions to preserve our globe.