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What is BIM?

What is BIM? BIM, short for Building Information Modeling, is a comprehensive digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics. Unlike traditional 2D blueprints and drawings, BIM integrates data from various sources into a 3D model, providing a holistic […]

BOMA Measurements: Accurate Rentable Square Footage and BOMA Compliance

Why Accurate Measurements Matter Before we delve into the specifics of BOMA measurements, let’s understand why having accurate measurements of rentable square footage is of paramount importance in commercial real estate. Fair Lease Agreements: Accurate measurements ensure that lease agreements […]

Enhancing Construction Precision with As-Built Surveys Service

In the ever-evolving world of construction and design, precision and accuracy are paramount. As-Built Surveys service plays a pivotal role in ensuring that construction projects meet design specifications and comply with brand standards. Among the various tools and techniques used […]

Unlocking the Potential of Residential As-Built Surveys Service

In the world of construction and real estate, accuracy is paramount. Whether you are planning renovations, expansions, or simply want to understand the current state of your residential property, As-Built Surveys service is the key to ensuring precision and informed […]

Rail as-built surveys have emerged as a game-changing solution

Rail as-built surveys have emerged as a game-changing solution, enabling railway industry professionals to streamline operations, enhance safety, and optimize maintenance. Precision and Accuracy: Rail as-built surveys utilize state-of-the-art technology like LiDAR and 3D laser scanning to capture highly accurate […]

Understanding Rail As-Built Surveys

Understanding Rail As-Built Surveys: Rail as-built surveys involve the systematic collection and documentation of crucial data related to railway assets, including tracks, overhead lines, signaling systems, bridges, and tunnels, among others. This survey technique employs state-of-the-art technologies, such as LiDAR, […]

The Benefits of Accurate Floor Plan Measurements for Architectural Renovation

Unlocking Success: The Benefits of Accurate Floor Plan Measurements for Architectural Renovation Whether you’re reviving a historic structure or modernizing a space, precise measurements are essential for optimal results. In this article, we delve into the myriad benefits that stem […]

Unlocking Precision and Insight: LiDAR Analytics and Geospatial Mapping from Reality IMT

Unlocking Precision and Insight: LiDAR Analytics and Geospatial Mapping from Reality IMT Harnessing the power of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) analytics and geospatial mapping has become essential for industries spanning from construction and infrastructure development to environmental conservation. Reality […]

What Rail LiDAR & 360 Video Mapping Is Good For

In an era driven by technological innovation, Rail LiDAR and 360 Video Mapping have emerged as powerful tools revolutionizing the rail and transportation industries. These advanced technologies are not just buzzwords; they offer practical solutions to address complex challenges and […]

Exploring 3D Laser Scanning Surveys: Transforming Industries in the Modern World

3D Laser Scanning: Technology and Applications in the Modern World In an era defined by technological advancement, 3D laser scanning surveys have emerged as a groundbreaking solution with transformative implications across various sectors. From construction and architecture to heritage preservation […]

Unlocking the Benefits: The Advantages of As-Built Services in Construction and Renovation

Advantages of As-Built Services in Construction and Renovation In the dynamic realm of construction and renovation, staying ahead requires embracing innovative solutions that enhance precision, efficiency, and overall project success. As-Built services have emerged as a pivotal tool, revolutionizing the […]

Mobile LiDAR Mapping for Infrastructure Projects: Time and Cost Optimization

Mobile LiDAR Mapping for Infrastructure Projects: Time and Cost Optimization Mobile LiDAR mapping has emerged as a game-changing technology, revolutionizing the way infrastructure projects are planned and implemented. At this stage, we delve into the world of LiDAR street mapping […]

Precision Redefined: The Role of 3D Laser Scanning in Revolutionizing Building Measurements

Precise Building Measurements: How 3D Laser Scanning Facilitates the Measuring Process In the fast-paced world of modern construction and architecture, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. The advent of 3D laser scanning has ushered in a new era of precise building […]

How technology can make safer job sites

Construction has come a long way in terms of worker safety, but there is still some way to go before it can be called a unilaterally safe industry. The good news is that advances in technology are bringing us ever […]

Using digitization to eliminate waste and optimize process management and production quality

The construction industry is in the midst of significant changes. From shortages in the workforce to the rising cost of important commodities and even critical material shortages, the industry is facing a nearly unprecedented rate of evolution. While some of […]

Using 3D Modeling to Maximize Building Performance and Efficiency

Maximizing building performance and efficiency is one of the highest priorities for engineers and architects everywhere. Today’s building goals typically include energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. Constructors and the firms that work with them are always looking for a […]

Revolutionizing Documentation: Exploring the Innovative Scan to BIM Approach

A New Approach to Building Documentation with Scan to BIM In today’s rapidly evolving construction industry, the utilization of cutting-edge technologies is paramount to stay ahead of the competition and ensure optimal project outcomes. Scan to BIM is one such […]

Optimizing Tenant Improvement Costs through Precise Building Measurements

Can accurate building measurements reduce the cost of tenant improvement When it comes to tenant improvement projects, accuracy is paramount. Ensuring precise building measurements can significantly impact the overall cost and efficiency of such projects. In this article, we will […]

Revolutionizing Urban Planning: The Impact of Video Logs and LiDAR Technology

How video log and LiDAR are changing City planning City planning has always been a crucial aspect of urban development, aiming to create sustainable, efficient, and livable spaces for the growing population. With advancements in technology, video logs and LiDAR […]

Optimizing physical spaces and assets in real-time using ICT and SDT

Over the past few years, geospatial technology has become an increasingly accurate tool for mapping the world. Today, this technology is used to optimize physical spaces and assets in a multitude of ways, resulting in more sustainable and efficient uses […]

Apple’s VR Technology?

Apple recently held its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and included one surprise announcement that has everyone talking. Let’s take a look at the Vision Pro and how it fits into Apple’s long history of technological innovation. A history of excellence […]

Boosting Commercial Renovation Projects Using 3D Laser Scanning

Boosting Commercial Renovation Projects Using 3D Laser Scanning   In recent years, the construction industry has witnessed remarkable advancements in technology, revolutionizing the way projects are planned and executed. One such groundbreaking innovation is 3D laser scanning, a cutting-edge technique […]

LiDAR in Architecture

LiDAR in Architecture: How Technology Is Changing the Way We Design   In the field of architecture, technological advancements are revolutionizing the way we approach design and construction. One such groundbreaking technology is LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), which has […]

Unlocking the Power of Street Level Mapping with LiDAR and 360 Camera

Unlocking the Power of Street Level Mapping with LiDAR and 360 Camera: Revolutionizing Circuit Utility Documentation In today’s fast-paced world, accurate and comprehensive data is crucial for efficient urban planning, infrastructure management, and circuit utility documentation. Thanks to advancements in […]

The Role of LiDAR 3D Mapping

Revolutionizing Rail Infrastructure Management with Railroad LiDAR Mapping Services In the realm of rail infrastructure management, accuracy, efficiency, and safety are paramount. To meet these demands, advanced technologies have emerged as game-changers, with LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) mapping taking […]

The Multi-family Housing Industry in 2023 and Beyond

The need for multi-family housing in Texas has increased consistently for the past few years. This has led to an increased need for modern multi-family housing units designed with modern tenants in mind. This is especially true as the events […]

How to Boost Project Turnaround Times to Meet Demands in the Digital Era

Technology has quickly become an indispensable part of daily life. From communicating with clients and coworkers to improving both work quality and work speed, technological advancements are critical to professional success. Digital communication has quickly become the norm, in other […]

LiDAR 360-degree technology for railway right of way mapping

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid clip, old standards are slowly giving way to newer options. Vehicles, for example, are increasingly electric, and charging ports are a normal part of life in large swaths of the country. It [...]

How 3d scanning is changing construction

The construction industry is always evolving, and new technological advances are changing the way that construction sites operate. One such advance that is changing the face of the industry is 3D scanning technology. This technology has enabled professionals in the [...]

How Reality Capture is Revolutionizing the Design/Build Workflow

In the past, creating accurate measurements for an existing building or large industrial complex was a challenging and time-consuming process. But with the introduction of reality capture technology, that process has become much more streamlined and efficient. In this blog [...]

How AI Will Affect Construction

The role of a construction manager is changing rapidly, with advancements in technology shaping the way projects are managed, scheduled, and delivered. With the rise of AI in construction, the role of the construction manager is evolving to incorporate the [...]

Accurate and Fast Floor Plan Measurements using 3D Building Scanning Technology

When it comes to measuring and documenting building floor plans, there are several factors to consider, including time, cost, and accuracy. Fortunately, the introduction of 3D building scanning technology has transformed the way we measure and document buildings. This article [...]

Use 3D scanning to generate accurate BIMs before your next multi-family renovation

Related case study: Architectural As-Builts For a 700 Multi-Unit Project in One Month According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), multifamily dwellings are an increasingly popular housing solution. From newlyweds just starting to build a family to retirees [...]

Drive-By-Imagery to help you locate and assess your powerline network

Related case study: Locating Utility Poles From Street Level Imagery Over 30,000 Circuit Miles Electricity makes the world go round, and without it, our daily lives would look quite different from today’s reality. As more of humanity moves towards big [...]

Guide to 3D Laser Scanning

A simple guide to 3D Laser Scanning Technology and Application With all the revitalization projects happening in the US, 3D laser scanning is becoming a popular topic for a good reason, it is the most efficient and most accurate method [...]

Scan To BIM

3D Laser Scan To BIM Pointcloud Scan to BIM, how to 3D Laser Scan a Large Shopping Center The Challenge Site to be scanned was occupied by tenants and some areas had restricted security access. A vacant movie theater with [...]

How to model with families from point clouds in Revit

How to model with families from point clouds in Revit Import the point cloud in Revit. Create plan views, elevations, sections and sectioned 3d views. Duplicate the views with new setting in your display using transparencies and colors. Adjust the [...]

How to Import Point Cloud In Revit

The process for importing point cloud into Revit is simple and user friendly, however some work must take place upfront to ensure that we only import the data we need for our project. A Point cloud is a set of [...]

MBTA Line Survey

The Challenge As part of a federal mandate passed by Congress in 2008, the MBTA is installing Positive Train Control (PTC) technology across all Commuter Rail lines. PTC can automatically reduce a train’s speed or even stop it to avoid [...]

Ford AV Lidar Dataset

Ford has an open source Lidar dataset with seasonal variation in weather, lighting, construction and traffic conditions experienced in dynamic urban environments but how scalable is this method of collecting lidar data? AUVs need to constantly update their HD maps […]

The rise of novel technology in the fight against urban flooding

Flooding causes more damage in the United States than any other weather-related event, and can occur in any of the 50 states including U.S. territories at any time of the year. Not all states have the same exposure to storms […]

Using LiDAR to model the risk in flood insurance

Using LiDAR to model the risk in flood insurance In February 2020, the Mississippi reached flood levels that had not been seen in more than 35 years. In the face of the environmental disaster, the helpless Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves […]


Geovideo-The Challenge As one of the nation’s largest cities (4th in population, 9th in land area), Houston’s drainage network extends over an area of nearly 2500 square kilometers. This area is difficult and time-consuming to inspect, therefore expensive to do […]

Communication through 3D Experience

Reality IMT’s 3D Technology supports virtual reality for land developers A recent report from Goldman Sachs predicts that virtual and augmented reality are a future $80 billion market – and less than half of those use cases are in video […]

Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

What Does Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Mean for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries? President Biden recently released a huge infrastructure proposal he called a “once-in-a-generation investment in America.” The proposal, called the American Jobs Plan, proposes spending over […]

Houston City Hall Laser Scanning

Celebrating 100 years at city hall. The Reliant Lights Mayor’s Holiday spectacular is located in the heart of downtown Houston. Our team was curios to find out the height of this Christmas tree so we decided to use a 3d […]

Map Projection

Map Projection Basics Map projection is a crucial technique used for hundreds of years to ensure coordinates are projected accurately onto a flat map.  Watch this great video by Vox explaining why we use projections when dealing with geomatics and […]

Mercury Control Center

3D Laser Scanning the Mercury Control Center to Digitally Preserve Landmark  Located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida today, the consuls that were once utilized in the Mercury Control Center at Cape Canaveral were laser scanned in 3D by […]

Use of Advanced Technologies in Architectural Designs

Digitization is on the disruptive phase and undergoing rapid evolution above and beyond. As digitization footprints within Industries; organizations continue to navigate integrating advanced technologies into their business on an everyday basis. Similarly, the advent of new technologies has opened […]

Showcasing The HARC Facility

HARC is the Houston Advanced research Center that was established by the visionary George P. Mitchell back in 1982. In 2001, HARC re-aligned its mission to concentrate the research focus on sustainable development. This resulted in significant organizational restructuring, recruitment […]

Reality Capture and the Importance of As-Built 3D Models for AEC

What Is Reality Capture and digital twin generation? On first thought, reality capture might seem like a hypothetical technique from the Star Wars movie. But, can you actually aim to capture reality in real time? Well, yes, and the good […]

Right of Way Imaging and Mapping- The Right Way

Reality IMT’s 360o video mapping supports Rail Right of Way Mapping survey and acquisition best practices at a fraction of the cost of other 3D mapping technologies Energy companies, railroads and utilities as well as the public sector face a […]


GEOVIDEO-AN ALTERNATIVE TO PHOTOGRAMMETRY Geovideo-The Challenge As one of the nation's largest cities (4th in population, 9th in land area), Houston's drainage network extends over an area of nearly 2500 square kilometers. This area is difficult and time-consuming to inspect, [...]

Track Survey Technology

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. PURPOSE OF THIS DOCUMENT This document is prepared to provide information on Reality IMT’s Track Survey Technology including hardware, software, sample scope of work, and how the technology is being used in asset management and signals. 1.2. […]

OcuMap Software for Drone Users

Reality IMT’s new OcuMap software provides a great solution for drone companies looking for comprehensive video data management software. This article explains how drone companies in the mapping and surveying space can upload, manage and share drone video imagery within […]

What is High Definition Surveying (HDS)?

The Revolution of HDS-3D Laser Scanning Unveiled! Changing times not only bring development and progress but also result in revolution. Revolution can define changes, transform and introduce advancements. This is what has been proven in the field of surveying using [...]

Does HDS Help The Construction Industry?

The construction industry has always been struggling due to poor conceptualization, errors, and miscommunication. In such an event, HDS in construction is a fair attempt to revolutionize the industry. Let’s see how HDS to BIM = Precision and Accuracy In […]

How Geovideo Streamlined Corridor Inspections by 60%

Geovideo Inspection Technology Geovideo! what is it? We have all been hearing the bad news about budget cuts in infrastructure maintenance and management. An issue that continue to challenge city managers and engineers around the world. In the State of […]

OcuMap for Mobile Mapping-Street Level Imaging

User-Friendly Mobile Mapping Software OcuMap offers users of street level imagery a comprehensive video data management software solution, enabling them to speed up data management workflows and share their data inside their organization. Over the years, street level imagery has […]

Too Much UAV Data To Manage?

Drone Data Management Software Might Help! There was a time when the usage of drones was only limited to the military. However, the usage and applications of commercial drones are on the rise today and drones industry is growing faster […]

Railroad 360 video

Every railroad corridor requires a set of fiber optics cable network in order to keep it running but what does railroad 360 video mapping have to do with this? Like any other construction project, installation of a fiber optics cable […]

Why An Organization Cannot Do Without 360 Visual Asset Management?

360 VAM reduces operational risk, reduces cost and increases efficiency Managing industrial assets has always been a tough task. Although proper management of industrial assets is important to boost the efficiency and productivity of your organization, finding the right tool […]

As-Built BIM

As-Built BIM, A Dive Into Advanced Technology Proper information management has always been a key influencer in determining the success of a project. Time and again, BIM is widely helping companies across the globe realize how complex projects can be […]

Railroad Panoramic Imaging

Street view Imaging for railroads streamlines planning & Inspections Every railroad corridor requires a set of fiber optics cable network in order to keep it running. Like any other construction project, installation of a fiber optics cable network requires a […]

3D As Builts at the Speed of Light

Reality Imaging technology is transforming the way as builts are documented There are many liabilities associated with land development and construction management including defects that could result from negligence or a breach of warranty, poor workmanship, faulty design, or poor […]

10 Things You Should Know About 3D Architectural Modeling

3D Architectural Modeling In recent years, 3D architectural modeling has become one of the major topics in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. It is apparent that traditional ways of working in 2D computer aided design (CAD) don’t provide enough […]

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