3D As Builts at the Speed of Light

3D As Builts at the Speed of Light,reality imaging technology that systematically document the project progress in 360 degree manage construction progress

Reality Imaging technology is transforming the way as builts are documented

There are many liabilities associated with land development and construction management including defects that could result from negligence or a breach of warranty, poor workmanship, faulty design, or poor change management. Builders have always strived to systematically document project progress to insure the work is done according to specs and to manage their risks throughout the life cycle of the project. This effort normally involves compiling blueprints, photos, videos, permits, multiple site visits and inspection reports. An extremely time consuming and cumbersome process where small but yet important details are left behind. Project managers are also responsible for managing stakeholder’s expectations via telephone, email, long meetings, site meetings, etc. to communicate work progress and to control changes throughout the project. According to Professional Builder,

“One of the biggest opportunities to manage risk is to have a cross-functional team that reviews new plan designs and plan changes. The team should include (at a minimum) the architect, structural engineer, pro dealer, framer, HVAC contractor, and folks from purchasing, sales, construction, and, if applicable, the design studio”

Planning is King in 3D As-Built

Being able to quickly go in and out of site without disturbing any of the planned activities requires preliminary planning including

  • Identify what needs to be visually documented, frequency, and schedule.
  • Make sure the site is clear of obstacles to allow for smooth data capturing
  • Select the architectural, structural, and HVAC blueprints to tie in with the visual data
  • Conduct the visual survey/walkthrough

Light Speed As-Builts

A 20 minute walkthrough using Reality IMT’s imaging system which uses visible light to capture a spherical 360 degree video can document more than 8,000 sqf of a construction site, where all the beams, columns, studs, rafters, and HVAC are captured and stored onto an optimized laptop. The position of the camera is also registered and imposed onto the floor plan allowing the viewer to fully understand which direction they are looking into.

The Deliverable of 3D As-Builts

Secure URL where all the site data could be accessed from anywhere on any device. Builders are now able to associate technical details with visual information, go back to the site as many times as needed, minimize time spent looking for information, mitigate construction risks, get accurate quotes from warranty and insurance providers, and have fun using cutting edge technology that allows them to view their sites using a virtual reality headset.

How to get started with 3D As-Built

Is your project ready to be documented at the speed of light?

You can start out by sending us a service request and one of our imaging specialists will be directly in contact with you.

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