Introducing New Railway LiDAR Mapping Service

Reality IMT Introduces New Railway LiDAR Mapping Service

Houston, Texas, January 4, 2019 – Reality Imaging and Mapping Technologies, a mobile LiDAR mapping service provider, announced enhanced railway LiDAR mapping service capabilities featuring its Angular HD Mobile Mapping System (MMS), for single-pass geospatial data acquisition at travel speeds.

Angular HD MMS is a compact and powerful LiDAR system that captures measurements at track speeds. With 700,000 measurements taken every second, this system can digitize track details such as expansion joints, derails, grade crossings, and all other infrastructure within a 300-foot radius of the Right-of-Way (ROW). In addition to LiDAR, Angular HD comes with a state-of-the-art UHD Panoramic Imaging camera that can visually document the entire corridor based on GPS location. With RTK GPS built into the system, the collected data is geo-referenced to a local coordinate system with +/- 1” spatial accuracy. This ensures meeting both industry and regulatory standards for above ground asset location within the ROW.

“With our Angular HD MMS, we are able to rapidly deploy the system anywhere in the nation to support our clients. Our team can be on the track collecting data within days of receiving notice. Engineering, Maintenance and GIS divisions can perform rapid condition assessment of their corridor and increase inspection efficiency by at least 40%. Point cloud data resulting from LiDAR collection can be further analyzed for clearance measurements, vegetation analysis, ROW encroachment, asset inventors, etc., making it an ideal solution that lowers risk for our clients,” says Ala Hamdan, CEO of Reality IMT.

The Angular HD MMS has been railway-tested by two transit agencies, who teamed up with Reality IMT to explore the possibilities of using LiDAR and GPS Video to document their PTC Assets and the results were unprecedented. In one example, approximately 140 miles of track were mapped in a single pass without disrupting normal operations. The amount of data captured in this single pass would have been equivalent to 40 days in the field using convention methods. The cost savings were immediately realized.

About Reality IMT:

Founded in 2015 with the ultimate goal of enriching the way collected geospatial data is viewed and interacted with – without physically having to be on site, Reality IMT is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Reality IMT offers an extensive portfolio of 3D street-level mapping and geospatial data analytics for infrastructure asset management, in conjunction with its innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform OcuMap that simplifies visualization, feature extraction, and publishing of infrastructure asset information.

For more information about Reality IMT, or to schedule a demonstration, visit: or call: +1 (713) 636-9844.

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