Latest Set of OcuMap Productivity Enhancing Map Tools

OcuMap Announces its Latest Set of Productivity Enhancing Map Tools

Houston, Texas, October 3, 2022 – In keeping with its long-standing tradition of delivering exceptional value to geospatial professionals who require timely, accurate, and visual documentation of their critical infrastructure assets, OcuMap is pleased to announce three (3) productivity enhancing map tools.

“Our vision has always been to streamline the process of conducting visual infrastructure inspection and asset inventories,” says Founder and CEO, Ala Hamdan. “With this release, OcuMap is taking another step forward towards delivering value for our customers.”

OcuMap Productivity Enhancing Map Tools
  1. Today’s “Big Data” contains greater variety, arrives in ever increasing volumes and with more velocity. Now, terabytes of 3D data imagery, 360° video, GPS, and map layers can be accessed and viewed online instantaneous with ease.
  2. Customizable attribute fields streamline geotagging of assets straight from 360° video or 3D imagery. Create your feature list once, then tag them along thousands of street miles with just a single click.
  3. Easy to use map annotations with point, line, and polyline features. Measure lines and areas on the map, saving as data layer(s) and export as Shape (.shp) file for further GIS analysis.

For all current and new customers, OcuMap software updates are immediately available for use by account owners and assigned contributors upon their public release. Signup to our newsletter to stay informed.

About Reality IMT:

Founded in 2015 with the ultimate goal of enriching the way collected geospatial data is viewed and interacted with – without physically having to be on site, Reality IMT is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Reality IMT offers an extensive portfolio of 3D street-level mapping and geospatial data analytics for infrastructure asset management, in conjunction with its innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform OcuMap that simplifies visualization, feature extraction, and publishing of infrastructure asset information.

For more information about Reality IMT, or to schedule a demonstration, visit: or call: +1 (713) 636-9844.

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