Lidar Flood Elevation Survey

Lidar Flood Survey

Street Level Lidar-City wide Elevations in Days

Part of FEMA’s responsibility is to perform a Flood Insurance Study (FIS), which is a compilation and presentation of flood risk data for coastal flood hazard areas within a community. When a flood study is completed for the National FLood Insurance Program (NFIP), the information and maps are assembled into an FIS. The FIS report contains detailed flood elevation data in flood profiles and data tables

In 2019, Reality IMT was selected to provide a vehicle-based, lidar flood elevation survey to support this effort. The mobile lidar was mounted on a truck along with GNS/INS system to collect trillions of measurements in under 30 minutes. This rapid method of data collection helps engineers perform accurate flood risk studies where they can generate cross sections at any location along the street and calculate elevations and slopes with up to + or – 3 cm in accuracy. Using this method, a city-wide elevation data can be collected, processed, and studied within days instead of months or years. You can Interact with the Lidar data below from a desktop. Please note, this link is not mobile friendly.

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