3D Oil Rig-Virtual Walkthrough in 360 degree video.

The offshore energy center’s Ocean Star offshore drilling rig museum and education center is located on Galveston Island, Texas, less than an hour from downtown Houston, the world’s petroleum capital.

The center promotes awareness and understanding of offshore energy among students and educators.

and it’s objectives are to:

  • Enhance Science and Technology Curriculums with Information about Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Promote Awareness of Offshore Energy’s High Technology
  • Develop an Understanding of Oilfield Energy’s Contribution to the Environment and our Quality of Life

The team at Reality IMT scanned the rig using 360 degree video equipment, the result is an interactive 3D walkthrough of the facility. Take a look (from your desktop) here

Information buttons can be inserted inside a 360 video to help the viewer interact with top surface equipment, content is also virtual reality ready and can be viewed from any VR headset. For more info in Visual Asset Management in 3D, click here

The team at Reality IMT used a 360 degree video camera to image the facility’s derrick and rig. Click here to see the tour from your Desktop. If you have a mobile phone with VR headset, you can activate “VR Mode”.

Some of the benefits of the 360 video tour are:

  • You can visit the Rig Virtually from any location.
  • Content is used for safety orientation of personnel before they are deployed offshore.
  • 360 Video enables remote teams to effectively communicate with rig personnel on maintenance issues.

What can be done to enhance this?

  • The Virtual oil rig tour can be integrated with the company’s OMS.
  • Documents can be geotagged inside the video for visual change management and maintenance.
  • The entire rig can become a digital and visual database to improve operational efficiency.

For more info on oil and has 3D imaging and mapping technologies, please contact us