The Houston Cistern is considered a land monument. Here are some fun facts:

  • 87,500 square feet or the size of 1.5 football fields
  • 221– 25-foot tall, slender concrete columns span the space
  • Holds 15 million gallons of water when functioning at capacity
  • 8-inch thick concrete roof and tapered concrete walls range from 8 inches at the top to 18 inches at the bottom
  • 17-second echo
  • SWA Landscape Architect Kevin Shanley first called the reservoir “the Cistern” because it reminded him of the ancient Roman cisterns under Istanbul

Working with Buffalo Bayou Partnership and The Houston Chronicle, the team at Reality IMT was granted access to the Center of the Cistern, where a 360 degree image was taken 8 feet above the ground level to showcase this amazing space. Images were stitched in HDR mode to produce more than 120 megapixel panoramic photo. Click here to see this interactive image of the Houston Cistern

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