Industrial Plant Laser Scan

Managing and old industrial facility while ensuring safe and seamless operation could prove to be a challenging task. Many of the industrial compounds in Houston are old and in need for a serious update. The process starts by performing a condition assessment of existing industrial assets. One of the best ways to perform condition assessment is to get a 3 dimensional survey of the assets using 3d laser scanning and panoramic 360 imagery. Reality IMT supports industrial facilities in generating 3D as-builts of their assets that is accurate to + or – 3 mm in accuracy. This is done using state of the art high definition survey equipment, also known as 3D laser scanning or Lidar. Pumps, pipes, nuts and bolts could all be captured using this technology and then modeled in 3d. The result is an accurate 3 dimensional drawing of the asset along with isometrics to help the engineering team decide on how to best replace old assets with new ones. Here is a link to a sample pointcloud file that was a result of a 3d laser scan of an industrial facility.

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