Rice Village, Houston, TX

Rice village is one of the largest shopping center in Houston, Texas. The area is known for its famous restaurants, shops and pubs and is located on the 300 acre Rice University campus in between West University Place and the Medical Center. Heavy foot and car traffic make it difficult to perform an accurate as-built survey of the interior and exterior however, having the right tools and expertise helps. Reality IMT utilized a car-mounted Lidar system to scan the streets and buildings exterior while driving, then used a stationary 3d laser scanner to document every inch of the buildings interior.

Project Information

19.8 acres, 8 buildings + multilevel parking garage.

Estimated square footage of 400,000 sqf.

Requirements for Rice Village As-Built Survey

Measure the building footprint, major and minor utilities, trees, exterior doors, windows, roof equipment, exposed beams, columns, trusses, coffers, trim and ceiling height.

Deliverable: Autodesk, Revit

Technology Used: 3d laser scanner, car-mounted Lidar, AutoDesk Recap, AutoDesk Revit

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