Drilling Rig 3D Laser Scan

Drilling Rig 3D Laser Scan

March 6th, 2020

Drilling Rig 3D Laser Scan When digitizing a drilling rig with 3D laser scan, a pointcloud (or point cloud) is generated as the result of millions of measurements. Sample above shows a directional drilling rig off the Gulf of Mexico
Hopper Volumetric Survey 3d laser scanning simulation

Hopper Volumetric Survey

August 21st, 2019

Hopper Volumetric Survey Performing a hopper volumetric survey to understand it’s capacity is not only crucial for project planning, but also for cost estimates and scheduling. When parties cannot agree on the actual volume of a dredger, a laser scan
Industrial Survey 3D CAD, Laser Scanning to 3D

Industrial As-Built Survey

August 19th, 2019

Industrial As-Built Survey While a conventional as-built surveys may provide hundreds of data points for engineering maintenance, a 360 degree laser scan survey provides billions of measurements. When taking multiple setups and connecting the data points (pointcloud) together, a digital