Hydrographic survey in 3d- high resolution 3D Bathymetry, Side-Scan SONAR, Water Column and LiDAR.Portable Multibeam & LiDAR Survey Vessels

Hydrographic Survey

October 17th, 2018

Hydrographic Survey-SONAR/LiDAR Real-time high definition 3D geospatial models of above and below waterline condition. Reality IMT can digitize infrastructure using Rapid Deployment Survey Vessels (RDSV). For visualization purposes, we created this sample but fun interactive 3D environment showcasing sample data.

3d oil rig using immersive 360 degree video technology. Walkthrough the facility and look around as if you were there. Reality IMT digitizes oil facilities

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig

October 17th, 2018

3D Oil Rig-Virtual Walkthrough in 360 degree video. The offshore energy center’s Ocean Star offshore drilling rig museum and education center is located on Galveston Island, Texas, less than an hour from downtown Houston, the world’s petroleum capital. The center

3d architectural as built sample showing commercial building pointcloud and revit LOD 200. Architectural As-Built survey using 3d Laser scanner-Faro Hosuton

160,000 Sqf Hotel-As-Built

August 25th, 2018

3D Architectural As Built What does 3D laser scanning have to do with commercial and industrial buildings you might ask? The answer is simple, think of laser scanner as a range finder that is rotating 360 degrees about it’s Y-axis

Glassel School of Art-3d As-Built Architectural Survey Houston using HDS Laser Scanning Technology-pointcloud Revit BOMA measurements,Commercial As-Built.

Glassesl School of Art

July 18th, 2018

Glassel School of Art in Houston is provides state-of-the-art studios and active social spaces within the 93,765-square-foot structure. The BBVA Compass Roof Garden and adjacent Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza also serve the expanding needs of the school and the unique

Industrial plant laser scan-3D-Plant-Survey using HDS

Industrial Plant Survey

July 6th, 2018

Industrial Plant Laser Scan Managing and old industrial facility while ensuring safe and seamless operation could prove to be a challenging task. Many of the industrial compounds in Houston are old and in need for a serious update. The process

Vehicle Based LiDAR Rail Survey & 360 goevideo have proven to be a fast and effective way to visually document linear assets and corridors. Lidar survey is.

Rail Survey-LiDAR

June 17th, 2018

Lidar Rail Survey Vehicle Based LiDAR Rail Survey& 360 goevideo Photogrammetry has proven to be a fast and effective way to visually document linear assets and corridors. The railroad industry has been benefiting tremendously from LiDAR surveys since the ability