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Do you need an accurate As-Built Measurement Service?

Reality IMT delivers precise and accurate as-built services directly to your desktop without you having to leave the office. Our Engineers have years of experience in applying the latest technology tools including LiDAR, 3D Laser Scanning and Digital Twin to improve efficiency by 40% and reduce cost by 20% through out the project lifecycle. Our building measurement services deliver a ready-to-use BIM with up to LOD 400 directly to your desktop.  Let us relief you from the hassle associated with field measurements.

As-Built BIM Services

Reality IMT can measure up t0 200,000 sqf. in a single day, eliminate safety hazards associated with ladder climbing and manual tap measure. Professional Architectural As-Built drawings help owners and architects become more efficient and make informed decisions about what is there including, structural support members, MEP,  Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E). Once the measurements are collected, as-built modelling work starts, and depending on the required level of detail, 2D, 3D or BIM models are created to show exact dimension and geometry of all existing elements.

As-Built BIM FAQs

While there are different methods and technologies used to generate an as-built BIM, this page will focus on answering questions related to As-Builts generated from a terrestrial 3D laser scanner. If you have more questions you would like us to answer, please send them to and we would be happy to answer them.

Q: What is BIM?

What is BIM. Building Information Model From 3D Laser Scanning Services Houston

A: BIM is the process by which information is generated, processed, managed and shared across project stakeholders.

BIM Stands for Building Information Model which helps organizations maintain clarity and transparency among project members, which lowers the frequency and possibility of mistakes, reduces human error, and is able to successfully avert project conflicts.

Q: What is an As-Built?

Fire Station As-Built for the historic building located at 6302Lyons Avenue, Houston. This as-built survey is done using 3D Laser Scanning Equipment-precise

A: Exact Measurements (as-is) of an existing building or structure, produced in a blueprint format

When a building or a structure is built, it follows design drawings, however, in real life, nothing is ever built exactly how it was originally designed and that could be due to multiple factors including site conditions, clashes that appeared once the structure is built, scheduling or budgeting constraints, etc. An As-built drawing is a CAD drawing showing the exact elements of an existing structure. simply, It is a blueprint of an existing building. Using 3D Laser Scanning Technology, building measurements can be accurately taken and converted to CAD.

Q: What is an As-Built BIM?

As-Built BIM Services Houston, Louisiana, Florida, California

A: a Generated BIM of an existing building

An As-Built BIM is a Building Information Model of an existing building. Depending on the category, It could show exact location of structural, mechanical, plumbing and sometimes electrical members. The as-built model shows exact geometry and dimensions of all visible elements at the time of the survey. When you think of BIM, it is always assumed that you will be working in 3D so an as-built BIM is always a three dimensional model of an existing building.

Over the last few years, As-built Building Information Modeling has been gradually making its way in commercial renovations and the construction industry. This led to an increase in awareness and improved operations in these sectors.

Q: What are the benefits of an As-Built delivered in BIM?

A: Saves time, reduces cost, and increases efficiency over the project Lifecyle.

We all understand that change orders could stop an entire project and result in monetary and schedule losses, especially when they come up in the mid-construction phase. With the help of As-built BIM, you would be able to minimize these change orders right at the planning phase since an accurate model of the existing building is used as the benchmark for all renovation work to come, typically leading to a minimum of 20% in cost reduction.

Saves time

Time is money, and this statement is most justified when it comes to the construction industry. As-built BIM helps your company save money in two ways. First, as we have already discussed, it reduces the number of change orders needed. Second, it increases collaboration and coordination among project team members, and makes the process more efficient. When the entire interior design team is looking at the 3D as-built of a building, they can all add their comments and collaborate on ideas using BIM 360

Enhanced Client Presentation

Once a project is documented, the Architect can use BIM to communicate conceptual renovations design to the owner to ensure scope alignment. Clients can walk through their space virtually on a pc, look around and comment on the architect’s preliminary design.  This process is so crucial that it eliminates scope creep, and enables clients to fully visualize the space before it is renovated,

As-Built Projects

Since 2015, Reality IMT has delivered more than 400 projects nationwide, working with multiple industries

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