Geospatial Mapping

Infrastructure Data Collection, Processing and Visualization

Geospatial Data Collection, processing and visualization

Storm Water Geospatial Data Collection

Do you need an up-to-date information on your storm-water network? Our field engineers are experts in collecting geospatial data of storm water system including manmade streams and natural streams, near road and off-road drainage systems, as well as detention basins. We provide you with quick , accurate and cost effective geospatial data using the local coordinate system. All of the data collected by Reality IMT includes GPS imagery by default to help visualize field conditions.  A few of the tools we use to collect this data include GPS/GIS Collectors, UAS (Drone/UAV), and LiDAR.

The Strom water geospatial data can be evaluated based on the client’s condition assessment rating system where defects can be easily located in near-real time using our proprietary web-based viewer. Data can be delivered in GIS gdb or shp file. Geotiff, DTM, DSM, DXF, Web-based imagery with maps, etc.

Waste Water Geospatial Data Collection

Storm water geospatial data collection services

Do you know where your manholes and junction boxes are located?

Reality IMT can help you locate manholes, junction boxes, aerial pipes, and other sites related to storm waste water using an up to date technology tools such as GIS/GPS collectors with RTK signal, GPS-based imagery, GPS-based videos, and some instances LiDAR. Geotagged data typically includes x,y,z values to help study any depressions surrounding manholes or junction boxes. The data we collect helps make a rapid condition assessment of your waste water features as we bring the site to your office in 3D CAD of GIS

Drinking Water Geospatial Data Collection

Drinking Water Infrastructure Geospatial

Well Sites, Storage Tanks & Chemical Tanks Assessment

Reality IMT can help you collect geospatial data for your well sites, and storage tanks with high speed and high accuracy. detailed geospatial information will enable your team to make better condition assessment and ensure that preventive maintenance is done at the right time. We handle large sets of 3D geospatial data using UID, x,y,z (Local Coordinate System) and deliver light weight files to help you digest the data using your software tools.

Bridge Geospatial Data Collection

Bridge Data Collection-Geospatial

Above Bridge and Below Bridge Condition Assessment

Using standardized condition rating systems, we collect data from below bridges and above bridges. Our data includes 3D geometry, location on earth and high resolution imagery that can be used for visual inspections. Defects can be located using advanced geospatial analysis tools that locate and quantify the defect. The typical deliverables are ArcGIS geodatabase, 3D CAD, GPS imagery and GPS videos.

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