Street Mapping

Street Mapping

The Road and Street Mapping Services from our company deliver geotagged 360 degree panoramic images and panoramic videos. The Street Mapping System is composed of an ultra-high definition spherical camera with GPS receivers and an Inertial Measurements Unit (IMU). It is also equipped with UHD LiDAR that can take 700,000 measurements per second.

Reality IMT’s road and street mapping services provide nationwide service and enable decision makers to visualize remote sites and corridors from the comfort of their desktop, where they can visit the site as many times as they need to, take 3D measurements, extract features of interest and generate as-built drawings or asset inventories.

Street Mapping-Mobile 3D Imagery and LiDAR for Street Maps

Comprehensive Infrastructure Condition Assessment

Street Level Imaging and Mapping provides a comprehensive infrastructure as-built for condition assessment, planning, and archiving. Data collected by the system is geo-referenced to a local coordinate system enabling our clients to extract street features such as street lights, poles, street signs, curb inlets, manholes, sidewalks, trees, etc. Point and Line features are extracted from the mobile LiDAR data while the 3D imaging by our team complements the LiDAR PointCloud and serves as a good visual reference.

Street Level Imaging

We provide consulting services to help you select the most suitable and cost-effective hardware/software for road and street mapping. Our engineers will work with your team on identifying the end goal in mind and work our way back towards identifying the scope of work, and technologies to be used, and develop matrices to help you make the final decision.

3D Imaging and Right of Way (ROW) mapping with our company has become more affordable and more user-friendly in recent years, making it easier for counties and smaller companies to adopt. Whether you work with ArcGIS, QGIS, or other mapping tools, we will work with you to ensure that you have a streamlined process for collecting, processing, viewing, and extracting the street data you need.

RailRoad 360 panoramic imagery

Pavement Condition Index

As-Built Surveys -Pavement Condition Index-Street Level Imagery

Reality IMT’s as-built surveys provide UHD visual and location information on all infrastructure assets, including pavement distresses, along the right-of-way without disturbing traffic flow. City and county roads are mapped at speed limits, Ultra High-Resolution Ortho-Maps are produced for enhanced visual assessment.

We help you identify & locate Asphalt Pavement Distresses (from your desktop) by delivering a turn-key solution for PCI, from data collection, processing, and condition rating. Want to reduce project costs and enhance data quality? Ask us for sample data to help you evaluate.

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